About Papa's Car Wash

Who Are We?

We are three local families who wanted to build a car wash that offers more to our community. Several years ago, I moved with my wife and kids to New Braunfels to practice medicine. To bring the kids’ grandparents nearby, my father, Benny (aka Papa), and I decided to create a new family business together. Caring for cars has always been a tradition with my family, who has run an automotive electrical shop outside Dallas for over 40 years. With this history in mind, we were particularly inspired by the many technological advances in the car wash industry that have taken place in the last several years. With the additional help of a very close family friend, Keith Wing, we decided to move forward and build a car wash with a firm mission in mind: to provide the most efficient, highest quality car wash while conserving water, using earth-friendly soaps, and offering an unparalleled experience to our community.

We all live here, work here, and raise our kids here. Our families and this community play a very important role in how we run this business. Our hope is to reflect our love for others and our love for Christ as we operate this business.

- Shannon Marek


We know your time is valuable and that’s why we have made every effort to make this the fastest and easiest car wash experience in the area. Our premium wash will have your vehicle sparkling clean, shiny, and dry in about three minutes. Utilizing advanced pay stations, automatic radio-frequency tags, an easy loading “dual belt” conveyor, and as much equipment as we could fit in the tunnel, no other car wash in the area can offer as much in as little time. Our dedication to speed doesn’t stop there. Without sacrificing service or results, we strive to complete our full-service washes in 20 minutes or less. We know you don’t need your interior cleaned every time you wash your car, which is another reason we separated the conveyor wash from the interior cleaning options. We hope that saving you time washing your vehicle will give you more time for the things in life that are truly important.


  • Papa’s Car Wash systems are "brushless" and utilize only soft-cloth, which is safer on your car’s finish than hand-washing or "touchless" systems. Our brushless system uses closed-cell materials for gentle friction to both clean and polish your car, while touchless car washes fail in breaking the bond between the dirt and your car’s paint. This leaves behind grit on the surface of your car potentially causing scratches. Touchless systems also rely on harsher chemicals that aren't good for your vehicle's finish or the environment. Similarly, a study done by the University of Texas found that the cutting edge materials used in our tunnel are even safer for your paint than hand-washing your car.

  • Previously, carnauba wax has been too thick to spray through nozzles in an automatic wash, however our wash pours a waterfall of Armor-All Wax bubbles onto the vehicle to give an unsurpassed degree of shine and protection.

  • Softened and purified Spot-Free rinse water combined with our state-of-the-art drying system ensures dazzling results every time, even without towel drying

  • Two separate chemical applicators (one heated), two sets of low brushes, and a following high-pressure wheel blaster make up the most advanced automatic wheel cleaning system on the market

  • We are also excited to be the only car wash in Central Texas utilizing a dual-belt conveyor system. Not only is this system easier to drive your car onto, it also ensures that our wash is safe for custom and expensive wheels, low-riders, and even dually trucks! No other tunnel car wash in Central Texas can do that!


Our number one priority is to protect our water supply; a limited resource in this area. We are the ONLY conveyor car wash in the area to reclaim and treat over 90 percent of the water we use throughout our car wash process. To put this in perspective:

  • The average automatic car wash uses 60-80 gallons of water per car.

  • A driveway car wash typically uses 100-140 gallons of water. (And it spreads harmful chemicals into our local waterways!)

  • The average person taking a shower will use 40 gallons of fresh water.

  • We can wash every car in about 3 minutes using as little as 20 gallons of fresh water!

  • We are the only full-service members of WaterSavers® (who only require an average use of less than 40 gallons of water per car) within 20 miles of New Braunfels! (www.washwithwatersavers.com)

We are committed to making Papa’s Car Wash as green as possible in other ways as well:

  • A glass building with a retractable roof to maximize natural lighting and airflow, thus reducing the energy needed for lights and fans.

  • The open roof also allows us to capture and re-use rain water in the wash process.

  • Our computer controlled motors and variable frequency drive decrease energy consumption by as much as 50 percent per car.

  • LED lighting, solar shades, tankless water heaters, low flow sinks and toilets, xeriscaping, and recycling trash

Why be “green” when we don’t have to? The answer is simple. It’s the right thing to do. It’s worth the cost to create a sustainable future for our children.