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Back to School with Papa's Car Wash
You may or may not realize it, but your car will be an essential tool for this season; taking kids to and from school, sports, practice, and other day to day travel. Papa’s has your back with our official guide to the upkeep of your vehicle this back to school season... Read More  

Turn Off The Hose - Wash at Papa's Car Wash
It is incredibly easy to abuse a valuable resource during the peak summer. With Texas reaching the peak of summer, everyone will be having a war for it. While some use water for playing around in the front yard or attempting to wash your vehicle... Read More  

Happy Father's Day 2017

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Have you found the perfect gift for him? Papa’s Car Wash provides an excellent option for you to give to that special father figure in the household. Our Gift Cards will treat your celebrated father figure to a wash that conserves one of our most valuable resources, along with certain applied free services... Read More

Tips to Prepare Your Car for Summer
The past month has been difficult in central Texas - rapidly rising temperatures, high allergen levels, and frequent flash floods have made the driving situation more challenging than ever. With a month left until the first day of summer, here are a few tops to protect your car from these seasonal extremes...Read More

Celebrating Earth Day
Earth Day is just one week away, and it's time to get together to celebrate how much we appreciate everything the world has given us. Some hold special get-togethers for river clean-ups, trash hunts, or any other form of nature... Read More

Spring Cleaning at Papa's Car Wash
Your vehicle is one of the most important upkeeps, and Spring always brings something nasty to the inside or outside of your car. Fear not, for Papa's Car Wash is here to help manage Spring Cleaning for your vehicle... Read More

Love Your Car this Valentines Day

Valentines Day is known for being a day for sharing tokens of affection with loved ones. This Valentine's Day we want to remind you to share a little love to your car. below we have listing a few ways to show some love your car... Read More 
2017 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car!

After the ups and downs of 2016, it’s finally over. We all revisit the great tradition of the New Year’s promise, also known as the New Year’s Resolution. A number of things will be going through your mind for... Read More

Drive #WinterSafe This Season!

Oil-related issues are a common cause of car trouble, and many drivers don’t know the first thing about checking and topping car oil. The accompanying infographic from... Read More

Ensuring Safe Travels for Thanksgiving!

November is officially the start of holiday season - and with all the family gatherings come a large amount of driving.  Heavy traffic, and high potential for distracted driving make Thanksgiving weekend... Read More  

Back to School with Papa's Car Wash!

It's the time of year when the wind begins to blow, the leaves start falling, and the kids go back to school.  As the first day of Autumn approaches and you prepare for the change in temperature, why not also help your car prepare... Read More

Conserving Water in the Heat of Summer

The peak of summer is officially here - triple-digit temperature, scarce clouds, and no forecasted rain all indicate it is time to begin closely monitoring your water usage... Read More

Happy Father's Day! 2016

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Are you still looking for the perfect gift? Show your Dad your appreciation by giving him a Papa’s Car Wash Gift Card. Our Gift Cards amounts vary... Read More

Papa's Car Wash 3 Year Anniversary - Free Wash Day!

Our 3 Year Anniversary is coming up next week! The Papa’s Car Wash team is so very grateful to all our supporters over the years and to have had the privilege of providing our customers with efficient and conservative car washes... Read More

Reader's Choice Contest 2016

The annual Herald-Zietung Reader’s Choice Contest is back! Each year, readers pick their favorite New Braunfels entertainment, food, and businesses. Papa’s would love your help... Read More

Spring Cleaning at Papa's Car Wash!

Springtime is that special time of the year when nature shakes off the Winter blues and blooms in full force. This special season also brings out nasty pollen and other weather debris that gets all over your car. Hence why... Read More         

Spotlight: Water Conservation at Papa's Car Wash
Papa’s Car Wash has a firm belief in conserving water, a most precious resource to our community. Water is very easy to abuse and waste, especially when washing your car... Read More

Car Detailing Spotlight: Papa's Hand Wax Service

We often get a lot of questions around waxing your car. Is it worth it? How often should I do it? But it all depends on your environment conditions. When you buy a car, the paint has a clear coat on it that takes environmental abuse.... Read More

2016 New Year's Resolution for your Car

In the twilight days of 2015, it's time to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions for 2016. But what about a resolution to keep your car in tip-top shape? Here's some tips to help.... Read More

Recognition from Edwards Aquifer Authority

 In recent times, New Braunfels experienced some heavy rainfall. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were affected. Here at Papa’s, we did our best to effectively use this abundance of water..... Read More

A Community-Minded Approach

Papa’s Car Wash was born out of community, as family and friends came together to create a car wash focused on efficiency, quality and conservation. So it comes to no surprise... Read More

Papa's Car Wash Fundraisers

Check one thing off of your to-do list this busy back to school season and give back to your favorite local cause or team at the same time! You may be wondering, why not the typical “parking lot” type car wash? Did you know that some of... Read More

Labor Day & Back To School!

From the entire Papa’s Car Wash team to all of the hard workers out there - we say thank you for your dedication! We hope that you will take some time off this Labor Day weekend to relax and celebrate your accomplishments... Read More.

Car Detailing Services

Our goal at Papa’s is to provide you with excellent customer service and a wash that is done right the first time. Many of our first-time customers are unaware of the numerous services we offer... Read More

Celebrating Our 2nd Year of Business!

It’s Papa’s 2 year anniversary and we are proud to announce our annual FREE CAR WASH DAY! Stop by Papa’s and we’ll be offering free car washes all day on Wednesday, June...
Read More

Acid Rain

Have you ever thought "it just rained, so why do I need to wash my car?" Washing your car after a... Read More

Reader's Choice Contest!

The annual Herald-Zeitung Reader's Choice contest is currently under way and we would love your support! The ballots... Read More

Water Conservation

Did you know that the International Car Wash Association takes water conservation so seriously that they created a program called "WaterSavers" to recognize wash facilities for their conservation efforts... Read More

Why Do I Need To Wax My Car?

A number of people often see a wax job as being an added luxury for their car; something that is done every once in a while just to add a little extra shine to... Read More

New Year's Resolution for Your Car!

Keep your car in tip-top shape - here are a few tips for your car in the New Year! Under the Hood - Keeping up with your car's fluids is an important part to any car's longevity. Some fluids such us break fluid, clutch fluid, and... Read More

Holiday Specials

Christmas is around the corner and that means it's time to start wrapping up your Christmas shopping. To help make some of your shopping easier we are offering some holiday specials... Read More

Meet Our New General Manager: Clayton Hudson

Come by and meet our new General Manager Clayton Hudson. He may have just joined our family, but he is... Read More

Autumn Adventures 

The temperature has started to dip and the days are getting shorter, so make the most of every moment! There are so many... Read More

Keep us in mind for your next fundraiser!

We here at Papa's Car Wash pride ourselves on being a local, family owned business and would love to help you with your next school, team, or non-profit fundraiser! We have 2 great and easy options... Read More

Protect your Car from Harmful UV Rays!

It’s August, the hottest month of the year! The sun isn't just damaging to us but also to our cars. UV rays can damage a cars clear coat, dull the finish, and fade...  Read More 

Did you know? We offer full service detailing!

Papa's Car Wash offers 4 car detailing services for only $22 each! All detailing services are "Express Detailing" which only takes... Read More

Happy Father's Day 2014

We know all you Dads out there love your vehicles! This is the perfect time to treat yourself... Read More

1 Year in Business 

May makes for an exciting month here at Papa's! We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on May 26th. As a "Thank You" to all of our loyal customers we invite you to come by for FREE … Read More

The Benefits of Shopping Local

We are very lucky here in New Braunfels to have so many small businesses. Small businesses provide so much for our community, and that’s why we want to encourage everyone to shop locally! When you shop ... Read More

Springtime: Birds, Bees, and Pollen

These springtime pollens do more than flair up our allergies, they cause problems for our cars as well. While the pollen isn’t as harmful as some of the other agents affecting your car, it will ... Read More

Icy Roads and Your Car

This year, we have had some unusually cold weather here in Texas. Most of us aren’t accustomed to dealing with icy roads, or the chemicals and materials used on the roads to deice them. Recently, TxDOT has been using ... Read More

New Year's Resolution: Protect Your Largest Investment

Most people assume that the white or grey film left behind after it rains is dust, but most of it isn’t dirt. In Texas, our atmosphere is filled with pollutants from refineries, exhaust, and rock quarries. These pollutants end up ... Read More

Bugs and Bird Droppings Aren't Just Ugly

Bugs, bird droppings, and other environmental abrasives cause an acidic reaction with your paint, permanently damaging the finish. This process normally begins in 24 to 48 hours. To keep these from damaging your paint ... Read More